A Tuscan Walkway

Because many, indeed most, Italian towns and cities are ancient, they are full of interesting features. Tunnel walkways, old city walls, narrow little alleys, and surprisingly wide but hidden courtyards. While Italy is a land of many museums, just strolling around Italian towns provides its own cultural and artistic tours, complete with bits of history!Continue reading “A Tuscan Walkway”

Ye Old Shoe Shop

Italy still has many little mom and pop businesses, although fewer than when we first arrived 30 years ago. These small shops, from tiny grocers and appliance stores, to shoe repair shops and fruit stands, are pratically icons of Italian society. More than just a shop, don’t expect to just run in and out. TheContinue reading “Ye Old Shoe Shop”

An Emilia Romagna Hay Field

Welcome to a new feature on the blog: Wordless Wednesday. Just photos, usually depicting some aspect of our life here, along with a brief description or explanation. I hope you enjoy these micro tours of Itay!! The beautiful region of Emilia Romagna in northern Italy, with its strong mix of industry and agriculture, is homeContinue reading “An Emilia Romagna Hay Field”