Eyes That Don’t See: A Spiritual Vision Checkup

With healthy eyes we see well. Or at least we think we do…

It snuck up quietly, a little at a time. That’s the way some things happen. And we’re unaware until it’s too late (or almost). Like with my eyesight. I was convinced I could see. But truth is, I was going blind.

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Success in God’s “Right-Side-Up” Kingdom

Modern society is success oriented. But toward a success which is measurable, provable, and usually enviable. Successful businesses earn more money. Successful parents turn out children who become professionals, who in turn climb to the top of their profession. And successful writers publish best sellers. 

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Learning to Fully Surrender (Oswald Chambers)

Peter stepped out of the boat with reckless abandon, as Oswald Chambers puts it in My Utmost for His Highest.

Peter stepped down from the boat, and walked on the waters to come to Jesus. But when he saw that the wind was strong, he was afraid, and beginning to sink, he cried out, saying, Lord, save me!

Matthew 14:29-30 WEB
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Bringing Christ Back into Christmas

It starts earlier and earlier every year, the hype and commercialism. Christmas stuff and Halloween gore side-by-side in stores. Ads, articles, commercials and movies all conspiring, seemingly, to make us think we’re missing out on the perfect Christmas. 

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6 Motivating Reasons to Study the Bible

As disciples, we know we really should study the Word. And we realize that most of us in this era have no valid excuse for not doing so. Particularly we who read English, with the myriad of free tools and aids available on the internet. Yet somehow, Bible Study (along with prayer) is one thing that we often seem to neglect.

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