Life Under Lockdown: Challenges and Blessings of Isolation

The isolation of social distancing can be hard and lonely, but it can also become a hidden blessing…

Italy’s streets and piazzas are usually full of people, even in the evenings. But with the lockdown all that has changed. A ghostly calm and quiet has settled on the strangely unpeopled streets and towns.

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The Right Remedy

The right remedy for many of our problems and short-comings may not always be easy or what we want, but it’s always the best!

Tomorrow is the big day. I go in for cataract surgery, which I’m not especially looking forward to. Regaining sight in that eye, sure I look forward to that. But the rest? I’m not especially keen on shots and incisions in my eyeball!

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Eyes That Don’t See: A Spiritual Vision Checkup

With healthy eyes we see well. Or at least we think we do…

It snuck up quietly, a little at a time. That’s the way some things happen. And we’re unaware until it’s too late (or almost). Like with my eyesight. I was convinced I could see. But truth is, I was going blind.

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The Importance of Consistency

Lessons we can learn from nature, and insects especially, on how to become more consistent..

Our church had a blessing tree for Christmas 2017, which blessed my life in a special way. We each received an ornament for the church tree on which we were to write our greatest blessing of the year. Mine was gentleness. God had dealt with me about that all through the year as he helped me become more gentle. People even started noticing!

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Resolutions or Solutions?

It’s once again time to ring in a new year. Which for many means making New Year’s resolutions. But based on both statistics and personal experience, I find that New Year’s Resolutions don’t work! So if you failed to keep last year’s resolutions, take heart. You’re not alone! We’ve probably all made them, only to feel discouraged or even guilty for not sticking to them. 

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4 Steps to Quench Dry Spells and Enter Renewed Abiding

If you’ve walked with Christ for any length of time you have probably experienced dry spells. You pray, you read, you attend church, and seek fellowship. But it seems you’re just going through the motions and get little out of it. God seems far off, the heavens closed.

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