The Fix-It Mom

As parents, it hurts to see our kids, grandkids, or spiritual children go through difficulties, doesn’t it? And if you’re like me, you’d like to fix all their problems. Kiss it and make it better like when they were small.

God’s Plan for Marriage

The topic of marriage cropped up at a recent neighborhood Christmas dinner, after they learned that Hubby and I have been happily married 43 years. “What’s your secret?” they asked with both incredulity and admiration.

Hot Coals on our Enemies

I once thought putting hot coals on an enemy’s head meant hurting whoever hurt me. Giving tit for tat. Yet I couldn’t reconcile that with Christ’s command to love our enemies. I’d made the common mistake of taking God’s words out of context, which can make them seem to say things that God never intended. 

4 Principles for Taming the Tongue

Communication has existed from before the beginning of time. And it began with God. When he created everything, through speech. He simply spoke and it all came into being.

3 Essential Steps to Loving Our Enemies

“I love my enemies!” my little granddaughter piped up during their family devotions. “What enemies do you have?” her parents asked, certain she had none – and hadn’t even the faintest idea what it meant!

Like a Queen: Treating Enemies Like Royalty

No taller than a 10-year old, with a sly and suspicious gleam to her eye, she played the part of the proverbial evil landlady with me, while sweet as honey around Hubby. The other residents, also hostile, seemed amiable by comparison. And the dark, dank apartment revealed a miserly streak as well.