A Shepherd’s Life in Bible Times

Shepherding is one of man’s oldest occupations, second only to gardening and farming. Abel was the first in the Bible to keep sheep. But the first mention of a nomadic herdsman came later in Genesis chapter 4 with Jabal: the father of those who live in tents and have lifestock. Afterward, nomadic stock keeping quickly became a common occupation.


A Lesson from the Beautiful Gate

The lame beggar lay near what was known as the Beautiful Gate, indicating the beauty of its workmanship and material. The temple had gates on all sides, nine in total, each beautifully covered with silver and gold.

Simon Peter and Why We Love Him

Simon Peter, how can we help but love him? Delightful in his spontaneity. Likable in his gregariousness. Transparent and enthusiastic. Quick to act, and react. So sure of himself, yet at times timid and even cowardly. There is something genuine and endearing about Peter and his ways. 

The Role of Women in Bible Times

Pagan societies in Biblical times devalued women, granting them little more dignity than animals. Even Greek philosophers, with their great learning, regarded them as inferior creatures by nature. Aristotle once said, “Woman may be said to be an inferior to man.” 

The Importance of Fishing in Bible Times

Fishing and fishermen form an important element in the New Testament narrative. Most of Christ’s earthly ministry centered around the Sea of Galilee. It is where he imparted most of his parables and performed all of his miracles, and 4 of the 12 apostles were fishermen. 

Pottery Making in Bible Times {We are the Clay}

Here in the western world, we no longer use pottery for much, other than plant pots and decorating. But potters and pottery played an important and vital role in Bible times.