Ten Ways to Beat the Shut-In Blues

And find the silver lining in even the darkest of storm clouds…

Storms and difficulties of all kinds and sizes come our way. From simple gray spells or times of discouragement, to life’s big storms and even pandemics. And they can really start to get us down. A lot of life’s problems are extremely serious, like this COVID-19 that is currently afflicting the world. And it can be really difficult to not worry.

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Life Under Lockdown: Challenges and Blessings of Isolation

The isolation of social distancing can be hard and lonely, but it can also become a hidden blessing…

Italy’s streets and piazzas are usually full of people, even in the evenings. But with the lockdown all that has changed. A ghostly calm and quiet has settled on the strangely unpeopled streets and towns.

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Life Under Lockdown in Italy

Social distancing is always hard, but it seems even more confining for the Italians, ever a gregarious and demonstrative people…

As I’m sure nearly everyone knows, we’re going through a strange and most unusual time here in Italy, with the nation under nearly total lockdown. An unprecedented happening for our time and day in a democratic nation. And living through it seems quite surreal.

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Giving Thanks Even for Fleas {Corrie ten Boom}

God wants us to give thanks in all things because everything comes from his hand. And because he can work through anything, even fleas…

Can we ever be too thankful? I think not, and I believe Scripture backs me up. Yet life is often hard, and it becomes so easy to fall into the habit of fretting, complaining, or even despair.

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4 Helps for Dealing with the Unwanted

How can we handle the unwanted? Unwanted people and events? The happenings none of us would ever want in our lives? Abandonment, separation, division? Those crushing and heartbreaking events which threaten to drain our life’s blood away?

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How to Find the Peace That Passes All Understanding

Life is full of difficult times and hard circumstances, isn’t it? Things which send us reeling, feeling that life has entered an out-of-control tailspin. Our family is facing one now. Perhaps the hardest we’ve ever faced.

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Our Good Shepherd Knows the Path

Though I love fluffy, wooly sheep, I don’t know much about them. Except that they eat a lot and can pick a pasture clean in short order. So a good shepherd knows that he must keep them on the go, always looking for greener pastures. And knowing that defenseless sheep also need protection, he looks ahead, seeking shelter where his weary flock can safely rest. 

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