He Was a Fake! Conquering Fear Part 4

“Did trains even go down this far?” I wondered, highly doubting it. And I wondered if the man was a porter at all, despite my hubby assurances that all those Red Cap guys were there to help with baggage. “You thought he wanted to steal your bags??” he’d asked in amazement. “You should have let him help.Continue reading “He Was a Fake! Conquering Fear Part 4”

Lost in the Big Apple: Conquering Fear Part 3

City Island, Yankee Stadium, Botanical Gardens, and Little Italy where my husband grew up. Where else but The Bronx?! After overcoming the paralyzing fear I first felt upon moving to New York, I learned to love the city! What a fascinating place to live, with its multitude of shops, languages, and ethnic groups! 

Unlocked Doors in the Bronx? Conquering Fear Part 2

Some things we go through stay with us through the years, even if they seemed negative at the time. For when we allow the Lord to work in situations, he can turn anything, even ashes, into something beautiful. Having a fenced yard with a German Shepherd watchdog made me feel safe. So safe that IContinue reading “Unlocked Doors in the Bronx? Conquering Fear Part 2”

God’s Dog and Overcoming Fear

The Lord led us to move from Colorado to the Bronx one year before coming to Italy. We really didn’t know why. We only knew it was right. Only later did we see that that move was but the first step in a long series of the Lord’s leading. Yet the move filled me withContinue reading “God’s Dog and Overcoming Fear”