Pontius Pilate: A Character Sketch

Although his birthdate is unknown, Pontius Pilate was born to the Pontii clan, possibly in what was known as the Samnium region of central Italy, as Marcus Pontius Pilates. He was the prefect, or governor, of Judaea under the reign of the emporer Tiberius.


What Then Shall I Do With Jesus?

It is the last day of our Lord’s earthly life. He has just spent a night of anguish. In distress over leaving his disciples, anguish of soul over what he must face. Betrayed, denied, and abandoned by his disciples. Arrest, maltreatment, and mockery from the Jewish authorities.

A Shepherd’s Life in Bible Times

Shepherding is one of man’s oldest occupations, second only to gardening and farming. Abel was the first in the Bible to keep sheep. But the first mention of a nomadic herdsman came later in Genesis chapter 4 with Jabal: the father of those who live in tents and have lifestock. Afterward, nomadic stock keeping quickly became a common occupation.

Old Testament Historical Books

Following the Bible’s law books, the historical books often read more like exciting narratives than mere factual accounts. And this is because they focus mostly on Israel’s relationship to God. Covering nearly 1000 years of Israel’s history, the events of these 12 books occurred from approximately 1400 – 425 BC.

6 Motivating Reasons to Study the Bible

As disciples, we know we really should study the Word. And we realize that most of us in this era have no valid excuse for not doing so. Particularly we who read English, with the myriad of free tools and aids available on the internet. Yet somehow, Bible Study (along with prayer) is one thing that we often seem to neglect.

Books of The Law: An Overview

The first five books of the Old Testament are often overlooked as boring and tedious. And let’s face it, all the lists of names and seemingly senseless laws account for a lot of their content. They can be hard to understand and even to wade through. Until we realize just how rich they really are!