Occupations in Bible Times, Part III: Service-Related

The Oriental marketplace, much like our towns and cities, offered everything from banking and hospitality services, to launderers and barbers…

Most service-related occupations were carried out in the marketplace. An important place in the life of Oriental communities for conducting business, and more. As we learned in Part II of this series, the marketplace also served as a gathering place, a type of employment office, and even as a preliminary courthouse.

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Occupations in Bible Times, Part II: In the Market Place

The market place in Bible times was a busy, diverse, and important place. Not only for selling goods, but for many other occupations and activities.

As we learned in Part One of this series, the occupations and tasks carried out by men and women were many and varied. And we also learned that because many trades were a mix of cottage industry and manufacturing on a larger scale, the home and field section tends to cross over with jobs in the marketplace.

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Occupations in Bible Times Part 1: In the Home and Field

Much of the cottage industry in Bible times was carried out in or around the home as a family enterprise, involving everyone, young to old…

Work and vocation, as instituted by God, are good. Scripture opens with God at work, creating the entire world and giving man and woman their first occupations: farming and homemaking. He set them to care for the earth, work for their own living, and make or grow what they needed. And although Israel always remained an agriculturally-based economy in ancient times, occupations naturally expanded over time, becoming more skilled and complex.

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Galilee in the Time of Christ

Galilee, a name well-known and much loved by many around the world. But in Christ’s time, the rabbis and religious leaders looked on Galilee with disdain. They viewed Judea proper, with its traditional lore and academic excellence, as far superior. The Galileans, they felt, were nothing but hot-headed country bumpkins.

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The Soldier Who Killed a King [Book Review]

Masterfully written, David Kitz’s retelling of the Passion through the eyes of centurion Marcus Longinus, drew me in from the start. His book, The Soldier Who Killed a King, is definitely one to put on your to-read list!

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Pontius Pilate: A Character Sketch

Although his birthdate is unknown, Pontius Pilate was born to the Pontii clan, possibly in what was known as the Samnium region of central Italy, as Marcus Pontius Pilates. He was the prefect, or governor, of Judaea under the reign of the emporer Tiberius.

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