Italians Love Tradition

Which probably stems from its odd mix of old and new. An ancient land of timeless monuments, yet producing the world’s latest fashions, and modern cars, aircraft, and machinery…

Adapting to different cultures is usually difficult. But many times it’s also perplexing and mind boggling. Like the interesting mentality our town folk have. Hint: sometimes antiquated, backward, and impractical. Which often comes as a surprise to us. Because they are in many ways a practical and down-to-earth people.

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Italian Liberation Day: Celebrating Freedom [Audio]

The nice balmy weather we’re currently enjoying has delighted many this Liberation Day, one of Italy’s typical annual picnic days. Which has me wondering if every nation has traditional picnic days. I really only know about the U.S. and Italy.

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The Day Italy Stole our Hearts

We love this nation, although of course like any place, Italy has its share of negatives and downfalls. But somehow, when we look back over the years, all we see are the people we’ve grown to love. The beauty of the land and culture. And the thread of God’s unwavering faithfulness woven through from beginning to end..

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Italy’s Four Most Famous and Unusual Medieval Festivals [Video]

There’s a feeling of magic in the air! Italy’s Medieval fest season is upon us, like a fairy tale come alive!  Knights, damsels, and court jesters. Feasting, with music and drummers. Medieval games, horse races, and parades with flags and torches. And it’s easy to imagine yourself the velvet clad Lord, or Lady in silk, off to dine with the king in his castle!

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