God’s Love In a Kitten

Sometimes God uses unusual methods to remind us of his great love and care…

“She brought it out just so we could see it!” my little grandson cried, before promptly burst into tears. And at first I thought, “Oh how cute!” But I think he was right!

Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7 WEB
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How and Why to Raise Readers in our Technological Era

Discover how and why to raise readers in our technological era, with seven timeless tips to help make it happen…

From the time our children were babies we read to them a lot, identifying pictures in books. Building their vocabularies, along with a love of books, one word at a time. And it paid off! Our daughter could already say many words at 9 months, and by age one spoke in complete phrases! Our son, also an early starter, was just a bit behind his sister. 

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Ten Ways to Beat the Shut-In Blues

And find the silver lining in even the darkest of storm clouds…

Storms and difficulties of all kinds and sizes come our way. From simple gray spells or times of discouragement, to life’s big storms and even pandemics. And they can really start to get us down. A lot of life’s problems are extremely serious, like this COVID-19 that is currently afflicting the world. And it can be really difficult to not worry.

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Free Graphics for You

Just as a way of showing my gratitude for your faithful friendship and loyal readership!

As the above featured graphic states, I am grateful. Grateful for many things – and you, my blog readers, are among them! I am grateful for the little community I have found here on WordPress, and feel that God has allowed me to form many wonderful friendships through it!

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Our Tiny Italian (Dream) House

Although to us owning our own home seemed an Impossible Dream, we serve a God who is the Lord over even the impossible…

We had long dreamed of owning our own home, which with our lack of regular income seemed like The Impossible Dream. But in planning our move to Abruzzo nearly 10 years ago, we learned that property values in these inland villages of the south are unbelievably low. 

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Hidden in Silence [Saturday Spotlight]

The true, heart-warming, and gripping story of a young Polish woman courageously hiding 13 Jews in her attic during WWII…

I don’t know about you, but finances can get pretty tight around here. Our outings usually mean strolling up the street on Saturday night for wonderful piping hot pizzas from our favorite pizzeria-hangout, The Red Wolf. Eating out (unless you go elegant or eat a lot) is really pretty inexpensive here. We can get 2 round pizzas, water, and wine for about $10!! And I’m talking GOOD pizza! 🙂

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Free Bible Images [Saturday Spotlight]

If you struggle to find high quality Bible-based images for your lesson or blog, your struggle is over!

Has a scarcity of good Bible-based images ever frustrated you? Then check out Free Bible Images.org. This amazing site contains over 930 sets of Bible story scenes available for free download and use. And yes, you read that right: free! As long as you agree to the terms of use for each image set and don’t use them in any way that would undermine the Christian faith and gospel.

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