Happy Ferragosto!

What better way to wind up the hottest part of summer than with a Ferragosto post, right?  Yet I can hear you asking, “Ferragosto? What in the world is it?”  Well, it literally means “August vacation or holiday” And it’s the day (on August 15) officially celebrating the summer vacation from work.

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The Perfect Woman: Virtuous Woman Part 1

You are reading Part One of the mini-series subtitled “The Virtuous Woman.”

I’ve concluded that the virtuous woman of Proverbs was like Carolyn Ingalls (of Little House on the Prairie), Mary Kay Ash (of the cosmetics), and Cindy Crawford (beautiful model) all rolled into one. Homemaker par excellence, there was nothing that Perfect Woman couldn’t do. 

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Old-Time Italy and the Donkey

This old picture of women returning from the fields may not be of the greatest quality. But it really captures what small town southern life was once like in Italy, where the donkey reigned supreme. Even long after the first few cars started appearing, many continued to rely on the humble asino as their main mode of transport.

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He Was a Fake! Conquering Fear Part 4

You are reading Part Four of the mini-series subtitled “Conquering Fear.”

“Did trains even go down this far?” I wondered, highly doubting it. Wondering if the man was even a porter at all, despite Hubby’s assurances that all those Red Cap guys were there to help with baggage. “You thought he wanted to steal your bags??” he’d asked in amazement. “You should have let him take them. So on your return trip accept the help! And be sure to give a tip!” 

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Castle in Vasto

You’ll find castles in many Italian towns, both large and small, like this Palazzo d’Avolos in Vasto, Abruzzo, once the residence of the marquises of Vasto. Located on a large terrace right along the sea coast. It’s enclosed garden with a beautiful pergola covered in grape vines and benches covered with majolica tiles presents a breathtaking panoramic view of the Adriatic Sea.

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Italian Worm Cheese and Culture Shock

We have a saying in Italian. Non c’è niente di nuovo sotto il sole. (There is nothing new under the sun.) And yes, I know it’s from the Bible. But I also know that King Solomon, who wrote that, didn’t live in a foreign land. Otherwise, I wonder if he might not have changed it to: “There is something new under the sun. Every day, and in countless ways!” 

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