Unlocked Doors in the Bronx? Conquering Fear Part 2

Some things we go through stay with us through the years, even if they seemed negative at the time. For when we allow the Lord to work in situations, he can turn anything, even ashes, into something beautiful.

Having a fenced yard with a German Shepherd watchdog made me feel safe. So safe that I thought, “This Big Apple will be a piece of cake. I can handle it!” 

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The Benefits of Community

Our favorite pizzeria/restaurant of choice The Red Wolf. And some of our friends here wonder why as it’s small and unpretentious. Nothing fancy or elegant, but the food is excellent. And we tell them, “It’s all about community.” And to us that’s a lot more important than elegance!

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Ye Old Shoe Shop

Italy still has many little mom and pop businesses, although fewer than when we first arrived 30 years ago. These small shops, from tiny grocers and appliance stores, to shoe repair shops and fruit stands, are pratically icons of Italian society.

More than just a shop, don’t expect to just run in and out. The clerks, like in this rather messy shoe repair shop, take time to chat. You’re sure to find out how so and so’s uncle Mario is doing, hear about Signora Teresa’s aches and pains, and learn all that the present mayor is doing wrong (or right).

Shopping is more than just filling your list. It’s a chance to connect with the community. And you know, it’s good to be a part of it all. Certainly it gets tiresome at times. But in today’s world of impersonal online communications and shopping – I wouldn’t want it any other way! How about you?

In Italy, shopping is more than just checking off your list. It’s a chance to connect with the community and be a part of it all!

Image is mine.

Take a Holiday and Save Abruzzo’s Rare Bear [Video]

All parts of the world, including Italy, have their share of endangered species. And Italy’s list is, in fact, growing. From snails and insects to the beautiful, noble, and critically endangered Sicilian Fir Tree. As well as the Aeolian Wall Lizard, found only on a few Italian islands. And one which hits a little closer to home for us: Italy’s Marsican Brown Bear here in Abruzzo.

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God’s Dog and Overcoming Fear

The Lord led us to move from Colorado to the Bronx one year before coming to Italy. We really didn’t know why. We only knew it was right. Only later did we see that that move was but the first step in a long series of the Lord’s leading. Yet the move filled me with terror. I was just a simple farm girl, after all, raised in rural Michigan! And New York City was the last place I wished to go. 

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God’s Money Changing Hands

During one of our neediest times years ago, our pastor came forward to pay our rent for us. Hubby had quit his job after his employer started expecting unethical things. We felt it was more important to follow our consciences and Scripture rather than take underhanded earnings. Even if it meant facing want and need.

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Italy’s Top Museums: My Top 5

Now just in case you’re thinking: “Great a boring list of museums!” – never fear! I’ve also included interesting facts about them, because I find mere lists pretty boring too. So read on and discover what makes these five museums (out of Italy’s more than 3,000) special! Why, for instance, the man responsible for making one of the museums so famous never even wanted to take the job!

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