Hope for Shattered Dreams

Many plans and dreams have gone by the wayside during these days of pandemic emergency. My good friend, Dayle over at Tip of My Iceburg, shared how the porch they’d planned, saved, and dreamed for finally came true. Except the porch built to hold lots of family and friends now sits empty, but for the two of them.

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The New Normal?

Things have been, and still are, pretty rough here in Italy through this coronavirus time. And not just because we’ve had such a high rate of cases and deaths. But because in addition to the usual restrictions, like social distancing, masks, gloves, diminished freedom, company closures, and loss of jobs (like my husband’s) – our restrictions have been extra confining.

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Italy’s Open-Air Markets

Italy’s fun and useful open air-air markets have been put on hold because of coronavirus. 😦 Yet they remain (once they reopen) one of the best ways for tourists to get a glimpse of Italian culture and daily life, and to find a great deal. So I thought I’d let you get a peek at one. Partly because I miss them. And partly because I think we could all use some bright spots during this trying time. So enjoy!!

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Raising Kids for Such a Time as This

That palace, it struck both fear and awe into the heart of the young woman passing near its gates. The opulence and magnificence of its halls well-known throughout the land. Not that she, of course, would ever see inside.

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An Italian Easter Song (A Gift for You)

Buona Pasqua (Happy Easter) from Italy!!

This Easter is, beyond doubt, the strangest most of us ever remember celebrating. And in the midst of this COVID-19 storm we perhaps feel sad, alone, and shut in. But to help ease that, I’ve got a little gift for you from our church…

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The Italian Easter

“Toc, toc, toc.” Wiping my hands on my apron, I went to the door wondering who would visit so close to lunch. “Buon giorno,” I greeted the unexpected visitor hesitantly. “Can I help you?” not really knowing what to say or do. I’d never been visited by a priest before! “Well, I’m here for the house blessing,” he informed me. “The blessing?” I asked stupidly. (Surely looking as dumb as I felt.)

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