The Italian Easter

The Italian Easter means many things. Lamb and chocolate eggs, church services, and the special house blessing…

“Toc, toc, toc.” Wiping my hands on my apron, I went to the door wondering who would visit so close to lunch. “Buon giorno,” I greeted the unexpected visitor hesitantly. “Can I help you?” not really knowing what to say or do. I’d never been visited by a priest before! “Well, I’m here for the house blessing,” he informed me. “The blessing?” I asked stupidly. (Surely looking as dumb as I felt.)

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A Full and Happy Life [Video]

Are you chasing after happiness, when you already hold it in your hands?

The more I talk with people, the more I discover that many are dissatisfied with life. Either they don’t like the direction their life is going, or feel their life is directionless. And I think it’s because we sometimes lose track of what’s really important.

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God’s Love In a Kitten

Sometimes God uses unusual methods to remind us of his great love and care…

“She brought it out just so we could see it!” my little grandson cried, before promptly burst into tears. And at first I thought, “Oh how cute!” But I think he was right!

Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7 WEB
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How and Why to Raise Readers in our Technological Era

Discover how and why to raise readers in our technological era, with seven timeless tips to help make it happen…

From the time our children were babies we read to them a lot, identifying pictures in books. Building their vocabularies, along with a love of books, one word at a time. And it paid off! Our daughter could already say many words at 9 months, and by age one spoke in complete phrases! Our son, also an early starter, was just a bit behind his sister. 

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The April Fools’ Spaghetti Hoax [Video]

The greatest, if perhaps the most unbelievable, April Fools’ hoax of all time! Spaghetti growing on trees?

April Fools’ Day in Italy is called Pesce d’Aprile, or April Fool Fish. It literally translates as April’s Fish, and stems from a school children’s custom of sticking a paper fish on the back of a school mate. As he or she is the only one who doesn’t know about the fish, that person then becomes the April Fish, or fool.

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The Healthy Mediterranean Diet

Getting healthy has never before been so enjoyable!

Hubby and I have pretty much always followed the Mediterranean diet since moving to Italy. Because it’s so healthy, but also delicious! And you might want to give it a try too. Especially right now, because with this COVID-19 pandemic going on, most of us aren’t getting enough movement!

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