Italy’s Cilento National Park [Video]

If you’re longing for a break away from the crowds and tourist traps, head south of Salerno where the Cilento and Diano Valley National Park rises up from the spectacular Gulf of Salerno into lonely mountain ranges.

From beautiful quaint fishing towns to forgotten rustic mountain villages, there’s plenty to see. And even to do, if you’re looking for simple entertainment, geniune hospitality, and great food (usually garden fresh)!

But why not take a tour now with this video?

And be sure to read my translation of part of the song, after the video!

The Song in the video is Mediterraneo, by Mango.

It basically describes the Italian Mediterranean areas. What there is to see, to eat, and discover. From the blue sea with its islands, fresh oranges, and the slow, winding roads. To the bright sun, pine trees, and churches. A place to sit and relax, letting the sun soak into you, as you breathe the fresh air, inhale the sweet scents, and imagine you’re floating on a cloud into eternity.

This is an extremely brief translation, actually more of a paraphrase of this long song. But I believe it captures its true essence.

Watch and let the music soothe your soul, and imagine you’re floating on one of those clouds!

Published by Signora Sheila

Missionary blogger, wife, mom, nonna. Join my simple life journey of faith and missions in small town Italy!

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