Overcoming Slander in A New and Fearless Year

Slander and false accusations are, sadly, all too common in this world which places little value on truth, honor, and fidelty. And sooner or later, most of us will probably face them…

A new year? With a month already gone? Well you see, it’s this way… God has been telling me to “Be strong and courageous.” FEAR NOT has come through loud and clear in multiple ways. 2019 was an extremely difficult year for us, as perhaps it was for you, but God wants us to go through 2020 fearlessly and boldly with him!

Watching our family and spiritual children deal with health issues, financial woes, divorce, and slander through the new weapon of social media. (Because sadly it is sometimes used in such an evil way.)

Slander and false accusations are sadly common to the human experience. We’re surrounded by them in this world which places little value on truth, honor, and fidelty. And sooner or later, most of us will probably face them.

But God was telling me: Fear Not.

It started with my husband’s new year’s sermon on being strong and courageous from Joshua 3. Followed by reading Scripture and posts, and hubby’s declaration that he “does not fear them.” And finally, the Lord providing wondrously for friends and loved ones facing great trials – showing this “Fix-it Mom” that with him in control we have nothing to fear.

5 tips for fearlessly overcoming false accusations and slander

1. First, it can be helpful to remember that we’re in good company.

Job, Joseph, Moses, David, Nehemiah, Jeremiah, and Mary, to name a few, all faced such attacks. So did Christ and his disciples. And while that knowledge doesn’t stop the suffering, it can help to know that we’re not alone. Especially knowing that Christ too suffered through it and knows how to help us.

2. Pray and guard against bitterness.

Bitterness is like a cancer, eating away at our soul. It doesn’t affect the other person, and it solves no problems. But it tears us down, steals our peace and happiness, and places a wedge between us and the Lord. Ask the Lord to help you truly forgive, to let it go, and to move both beyond and above it.

3. Trust it all to God.

The harm to our reputation and the injustice of it all is painful, belittling, embarassing, and infuriating. But remember that God knows the truth, and our lives, names, and reputations are safe in his hands.

It may sometimes be necessary to confront the slander. But often the best response is to let it go and leave it in God’s hands. First, because we can’t control what the other person does. But more importantly, because it protects us from acting sinfully. And because when fires lack fuel they eventually go out.

But if you must confront the slanderer, make sure you’ve got your facts straight before sharing your hurt and disappointment. Remembering two important, things: “Love is patient and is kind” (1 Cor. 13:4) and “Love covers a multitude of sins” (1 Pet. 4:8). Never stoop to their level, but treat them as you want to be treated.

And keep in mind that those who engage in the evil of slander work in darkness, hiding behind subterfuge and conniving. Rather than deal with issues in an open, upfront, and respectful way, they thrive on drama and playing the victim. And they often succeed because human nature naturally gravitates toward gossip and slander, without bothering to verify the facts. But remember that the truth always comes out.

“Therefore don’t be afraid of them, for there is nothing covered that will not be revealed; and hidden that will not be known.”

Matthew 10:26 WEB

4. Keep on and battle through to victory.

Sad to say, my tendency is to run and hide like a fraidy cat. Trying to avoid the harmful people, the hurt, and the pain. But Scripture tells us to face our battles, knowing that the Lord fights for us. Not that we purposely place ourselves in harm’s way. But when we’ve done no wrong in the situation, we have nothing to hide and nothing to fear.

5. Try to see it through Christ’s eyes.

I find when wrongly accused it helps to remember that though innocent in the present situation, I have done (and am capable of) things just as bad or worse. We all battle with controlling our tongues, judging others, and lack of love, kindness, and forgiveness.

Yet God has forgiven us, and not only. In Christ he sees us as victors. He is with us and praying for us. And cheering us on to victory – even over such great enemies as our uncontrolled tongue, lack of forgiveness, and bitterness.

“In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”

Romans 8:37 WEB

So don’t let unforgiveness and bitterness conquer your soul. There will always be those who gossip, malign, and hate. They deserve our pity, sorrow, and prayers.

But in Christ we are more than conquerors – and our banner is one of love, peace, and joy! So lift it high!

In Christ we are more than conquerors – and our banner is one of love, peace, and joy! So lift your banner high!

By Signora Sheila

Missionary blogger, wife, mom, nonna. Join my journey of Intentional Faith Living from my small town in southern Italy!

8 replies on “Overcoming Slander in A New and Fearless Year”

Thank you, Sheila, for a thoughtful list of action steps when faced with slander. Step #3 is an important one not to miss. Rarely is the battle against hurt and bitterness over-and-done-with after a quick prayer. More often the healing comes over time–after a few lessons in perseverance, trust, taking our thoughts captive, and more. But the victory is well worth fighting for, when those lessons produce character and greater intimacy with God. P.S. Loved that instagram from messytogether! That’s a great attitude to take.


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