The Old Aunty’s Kerchief And the Power of Love

It was when the zia blew her nose with that nasy kerchief, using it to dry the cups that I started visibly gagging…

I can picture her still so old and frail, hobbling up the steep hill leaning on her pair of homemade walking sticks. “What do you have there Zia (Aunty)?” my husband asked, pointing to the open-mesh bag on her kerchief-covered head. While I just gaped, wondering how many other nasty things she’d carried on that seldom-washed, dirty head scarf! 

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Overcoming Slander in A New and Fearless Year

Slander and false accusations are, sadly, all too common in this world which places little value on truth, honor, and fidelty. And sooner or later, most of us will probably face them…

A new year? With a month already gone? Well you see, it’s this way… God has been telling me to “Be strong and courageous.” FEAR NOT has come through loud and clear in multiple ways. 2019 was an extremely difficult year for us, as perhaps it was for you, but God wants us to go through 2020 fearlessly and boldly with him!

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Our Tiny Italian (Dream) House

Although to us owning our own home seemed an Impossible Dream, we serve a God who is the Lord over even the impossible…

We had long dreamed of owning our own home, which with our lack of regular income seemed like The Impossible Dream. But in planning our move to Abruzzo nearly 10 years ago, we learned that property values in these inland villages of the south are unbelievably low. 

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