Free Bible Images [Saturday Spotlight]

Has a scarcity of good Bible-based images ever frustrated you? Then check out Free Bible This amazing site contains over 930 sets of Bible story scenes available for free download and use. And yes, you read that right: free! As long as you agree to the terms of use for each image set and don’t use them in any way that would undermine the Christian faith and gospel.

Amazing free Bible story images!

Over 930 sets of Bible story scenes!

All part of the visual journey through the Bible this Christian team is working to create. And because they have a heart both for helping teachers teach in this visual age and for helping those in poorer regions of the world, everything offered on the site is free.

The large collection of photos and illustrations makes finding great images for your next project or blog post a piece of cake! Just filter your search by name, book, character, or theme and choose which format to download: PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, or JPEG.

Or even print out the Story Planner for the image set: a PDF file showing the images along with a brief description of each scene. And you can even add your own notes.

Just look at some the great images available!

Bible Story Photos

From the set Sea of Galilee: Fish and Fishing Nets, by LUMO Project:

Bible Story Illustrations:

From the set Birth of Jesus, by Edge Group – Lion Hudson:

Check them out and follow their blog:

If you like what you see here check out the large image collection on their site. And while you’re at it, click here to visit their blog for tips and amazing behind-the-scenes stories! And be sure to leave them a note of encouragement!

My thanks to this great team for all their fine work!!

Image credits: Sea of Galilee: Fish and Fishing Nets Set by LUMO Project, from | The Birth of Jesus Set by Edge Group – Lion Hudson, from

By Signora Sheila

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