7 Productive Bible Study Aids

These free and readily available study aids can really make Bible study easier, more fruitful, and more enjoyable!

Having the right tools is essential to productive Bible study. They can really help bring the Scriptures to light and keep you from groping in the dark. And in this day of plentiful free resources online, it’s easier than ever!

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Life and Missions in Small Town Italy

Life in small town Italy can be interesting, to say the least… Expect your life to be an open book!

Moving to or even visiting Italian villages is a unique and sometimes perplexing experience. Expect people to stare (and I mean really stare) as you walk down the street, without letting it give you a complex. No, you are not funny looking or strange. They just don’t see many outsiders, and curiosity is one thing people don’t lack!

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Our Summer Village: Beyond Forgotten

A place little touched by time, often forgotten and overlooked…

There is but one road leading to the isolated town, our summer village. A place little touched by time, by technology’s progress, or by the frenetic pace of getting ahead. Thirteen years had passed since our last visit. And though fewer and older, the inhabitants somehow seem to remain much the same. Many of old and wrinkled pass on, while others take their place. Different, yet the same. With the same lines of suffering and hardship. The same bleak look of hopelessness.

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Our Abruzzo, Beautiful but Forgotten

Abruzzo, mostly a wild, unspoiled region off the beaten path is truly beautiful. But it is also in many ways forgotten and overlooked…

Our village nestles between the rolling hills of Abruzzo’s Apennine mountains and the Adriatic coast. Covered with vineyards and olive groves, with snow-capped mountains in the background! Abruzzo truly is beautiful, and we feel blessed to live in such an area! Largely an agriculture region, it’s famous for its Montepulciano wine. And also for its long beautiful beaches, gorgeous mountains, and great cuisine.

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4 Steps to Quench Dry Spells and Enter Renewed Abiding

Four lessons from the grapevine on entering renewed abiding. Because like grapevines, we grow best when climbing upward!

If you’ve walked with Christ for any length of time you have probably experienced dry spells. You pray, you read, you attend church, and seek fellowship. But it seems you’re just going through the motions and get little out of it. God seems far off, the heavens closed.

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