3 Valid Tools for Regaining Focus

Do you ever feel like you’re losing focus? Doesn’t it seem, in our modern times, that it’s harder and harder to stay focused, with so many things clamoring for attention?

Life is a gift. A precious one. But it sometimes seems that we lose track of that because we fall into ruts. We just go through the motions, without fully appreciating all that God has given us to enjoy. And at times without even getting anywhere.

The longer we stay in ruts, the deeper they become and the harder climbing out becomes. So I’ve been filling in ruts lately, and reaping the benefits. And I thought I’d share the tools I’m discovering for climbing out of ruts and permanently eliminating them.

3 valid tools to help us dig out of ruts and reclaim focus:

1. Greater discipline.

I’ve been working at having more discipline. So I’m setting both goals and limits for myself, and working to make them stick. I read somewhere once that by doing something for a straight 30 days it becomes a habit. And I don’t know about you, but I need better habits in my life!

2. Formulating a vision.

One of God’s greatest gifts is vision. Yet it’s something we hear so little about. Christ had vision in abundance, and he never lost focus of it. So did the apostles, and so did most who made a difference or really left their mark on the world.

What is your vision? What would you like to do with your life this year, and next? Or for as long as the Lord gives you to serve him? And how are you at focusing on it?

Without focus we risk forgetting why even started…

We fall into the rut of doing things out of habit. And before we know it our life lacks purpose, and we wonder why we’re even here.

So if you want to build up a business that will greater serve your community, work at it. If you blog because you want to encourage others, give it your all. Whatever your vision is work at with all your might. And you’ll be amazed at the peace and satisfaction that comes with doing it.

Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

Proverbs 29:18 KJV

3. Time Apart.

Yet, we also need time apart. Which in our modern times may be what we most overlook. Our Christian walk is more than just motion. Yes, we do need to be active and make progress.

But we’ve lost the art of reflection and meditation. Society has trained us to think it’s a waste of time. But we’ve forgotten how to just be. Children still possess this art. They often sit still, doing nothing. Just staring into space while following their dreams.

Stillness is essential for communion with God.

For hearing his voice and for feeling his presence. So let’s learn to embrace sillness, silence, and reflection. Only out of calm stillness can we see God’s vision for us. And learn the way to fulfill it.

Stillness is essential for communion with God.

So perhaps it’s time to reclaim some simple habits. Things like building discipline into our lives, so that we will have the time to embrace stillness. And then getting away from it all, which doesn’t necessarily mean we have to go on retreats or expensive trips.

Nature is often a big help in rediscovering stillness. So start by taking 10 or 15 minutes at a time. Take a walk or spend time outside. Breathe deep, relax, and let God’s presence wash over you. That connection is the only way to connect to to our source of life and know his vision.

God is always communicating with us, but how well are we listening?

God is always communicating with us, but how well are we listening?

I drove away from my mind everything capable of spoiling the sense of the presence of God…. I just make it my business to persevere in His holy presence… My soul has had an habitual, silent, secret conversation with God.

Brother Lawrence

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Published by Signora Sheila

I am a wife, mom, nonna, blogger, and missionary in Italy. But really, I'm just an ordinary woman on a journey, trying to slow down enough to hear the still small voice of God and live for all that is truly important in this world.

20 thoughts on “3 Valid Tools for Regaining Focus

  1. Time spent part with God does indeed foster peace of mind and refresh the spirit. And you are so right, Sheila: getting outdoors provides an enhanced connection to God. I may have mentioned it here before, but Michael Hyatt (former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing) calls the outdoors God’s Living Room–for just that reason. I love that imagery, and have referred to it several times on my own blog. In fact, I referenced it just this Thursday!


    1. I love that Nancy! God’s living room. Such great imagery and so true. I’ll steal that too – because the Lord has truly blessed us with a beautiful second living room. And I want to take advantage of it!! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Your words are filled with such wisdom! Stillness before God is one of the greatest challenges of our day. OUr world is so loud, and the noise comes in so many forms, at so many levels. Internal and external. I can find a place of solace and not shut out the voices of lies in my head. Thank you for these wonderful worlds, Sheila!


  3. I feel like you wrote this just for me! I know that I need to step away from all the noise and spend some quality time with my first love, God the Father, but I keep putting it off. I truly believe that you hear from God and your writing/post are inspired by the HolySpirit! Your post are just so timely and so gently proclaiming the truth of God’s word!Thanks for another great post!


    1. Wow, thank you for letting me know that, Torre! It’s so encouraging to know, first, that I’m not alone in my struggles. And second, that this post encouraged someone. But you know, I most appreciate your words “gently proclaiming the truth.” I didn’t used to be a gentle person – at all. But the Lord showed me my great need of gentleness. And with his help, I’ve worked at having HIS gentleness in my life, my heart, my words, and my actions. It was Christ’s wisdom, love, gentleness, and winsomeness that drew me to him. And I think that’s what it will take to draw others. Know that the Holy Spirit has used you to encourage me too!

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  4. I’ve been away this week, in a new city, with a dear friend and business partner and it has been such a blessing to GET OUT and see God at work in the world, and in my life…in ways that being stuck in a rut, wouldn’t let me see. Blessings everyone…especially Sheila 🙂

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  5. That is a common problem today, isn’t is? I struggle with it on several levels, but the thing that got my attention this morning was your challenge to make your Bible reading more focused and impactful. I needed that today – thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Judy! I needed it too; I guess I always write first to myself! So after praying about it, I felt the Lord leading me to the Gospels. We can never immerse ourselves them in too much!! So glad you found this post helpful. God bless!

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  6. This comes at an interesting time, Sheila. This week I followed the Holy Spirit’s prompting to reduce posting from daily weekday to twice a week. It’s not for lack of content. There’s so much the Lord wants to share with me and do through me but I need to make time to receive it AND soak it up, myself. With my husband traveling more for work, it’s easy to get depleted, but God wants me full to the brim and giving out of the overflow! Blessings!

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    1. It is interesting how the Lord often speaks at the same time, even to people clear across the world, isn’t it? Geography surely doesn’t set limits! That’s just it, really, Vanessa: there is a lot to say. But the Lord’s been telling me, “Slow down and wait. In order for it to speak to others, it’s first got to overtake your heart.” Otherwise, it’s sort of like passing on second-hand information, isn’t it? Only what we truly live has enough life in it to bring life-giving truth. May he fill us with that kind of life…that speaks out of time in his holy presence! Blessings, and overflowing blessings to you, dear friend!

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    1. Interesting you should bring out that “in everything.” I’ll have to do a post some time on my broken ankle, because I really struggled with thankfulness over it. I’m a bit, no, very “phobic” about my feet. They don’t like being restrained in anything – even tight socks. That cast made me experience my first-ever panic attacks! But I’m so grateful the Lord helped me through, calmed me down, and showed me to thank him, even for broken ankles. And casts…even horrid, icky casts!! My thoughts and prayers will definitely be with you, David!


  7. I thoroughly agree with the thoughts you express in this post. I so much want to get outside and enjoy the gifts of nature around me. But… but due to accident (I was hit by a car while on a walk) I am unable to get out as much as I would like. Please pray for quick healing of a broken ankle and wise use of my indoor time.

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    1. Oh no, David! When did that happen? I had a broken ankle about this time last year, after falling on stairs. But getting hit by a car is so much worse! I could have gone really, really bad for you. I really feel for you, cause it’s not easy being confined like that. I guess just try to enjoy your enforced time of rest! We’ll pray God grants you quick and thorough healing!! God bless.

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