Hot Coals on our Enemies

I once thought putting hot coals on an enemy’s head meant hurting whoever hurt me. Giving tit for tat. Yet I couldn’t reconcile that with Christ’s command to love our enemies. I’d made the common mistake of taking God’s words out of context, which can make them seem to say things that God never intended. 

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4 Helps for Dealing with the Unwanted

How can we handle the unwanted? Unwanted people and events? The happenings none of us would ever want in our lives? Abandonment, separation, division? Those crushing and heartbreaking events which threaten to drain our life’s blood away?

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How to Find the Peace That Passes All Understanding

Life is full of difficult times and hard circumstances, isn’t it? Things which send us reeling, feeling that life has entered an out-of-control tailspin. Our family is facing one now. Perhaps the hardest we’ve ever faced.

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