Italian Liberation Day: Celebrating Freedom [Audio]

The nice balmy weather we’re currently enjoying has delighted many this Liberation Day, one of Italy’s typical annual picnic days. Which has me wondering if every nation has traditional picnic days. I really only know about the U.S. and Italy.

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The Soldier Who Killed a King [Book Review]

Masterfully written, David Kitz’s retelling of the Passion through the eyes of centurion Marcus Longinus, drew me in from the start. His book, The Soldier Who Killed a King, is definitely one to put on your to-read list!

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The Day Italy Stole our Hearts

We love this nation, although of course like any place, Italy has its share of negatives and downfalls. But somehow, when we look back over the years, all we see are the people we’ve grown to love. The beauty of the land and culture. And the thread of God’s unwavering faithfulness woven through from beginning to end..

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Pontius Pilate: A Character Sketch

Although his birthdate is unknown, Pontius Pilate was born to the Pontii clan, possibly in what was known as the Samnium region of central Italy, as Marcus Pontius Pilates. He was the prefect, or governor, of Judaea under the reign of the emporer Tiberius.

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What Then Shall I Do With Jesus?

It is the last day of our Lord’s earthly life. He has just spent a night of anguish. In distress over leaving his disciples, anguish of soul over what he must face. Betrayed, denied, and abandoned by his disciples. Arrest, maltreatment, and mockery from the Jewish authorities.

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