God Will Always Keep a Place for Us

Tickets? Ready! Passports? Ready! Our eight suitcases bulged with the little we owned, including eight teddy bears! Other than one box left with my parents, a small stash of money, passports and other documents, that was all we had in the world. Luggage? Ready! At last! We were finally ready to leave! Mission field here we come! 

Nothing left to do but relax and await departure day… and battle doubt, confusion, and fears. And the skeptical attitudes of friends and family, convinced we had lost our minds!

We were to work with an itinerant evangelistic team.

The ministry was ready and waiting for us. Or so we thought…

As we were to work with an itinerant evangelistic team, our first home was to be the big 3-room (so to speak) tent, below.

Our tent

Dismayed to learn that we would live in a tent, friends and family questioned us about running water, electricity, bathrooms, and beds. “Had we lost our senses?” they wondered.

They already thought us crazy for homeschooling our children, which we planned to continue. Homeschooling was a crazy idea back then. And it seemed to them that our planned departure, tent living, and lack of support were just more proof of our growing insanity! But mostly they worried over our lack of a support base.

Yet in the midst of it all, we were excited! And our hearts were at peace. And that’s why my dream just days before leaving seemed so strange.

“There’s no place for you,” they said. “You can’t stay.”

Bewildered over the dream that seemed so real, I suggested to Hubby that perhaps we shouldn’t go. “They said we couldn’t stay,” I told him. “They had no place for us!”

“It was just a dream, brought on by last-minute jitters,” he assured me. “All will be well!” But no matter how hard I tried to relax, the words no place for you echoed in my mind.

Even on the plane, my mind was a jumble of thoughts and emotions. “No place for you… The Lord will take care of us… We’ve gone round the bend… All will be fine…” But most prominent was “No place for you… no place for you!” All I could do at that point was trust it all to God. “Surely all was well,” I decided. “It was just a silly dream!”

Yet the thought lingered. For sometimes dreams do come true, even bad ones. And that one did! Their first words were, “We’ve got a little problem here. We’ve lost your tent. And there’s no place for you!”

But thankfully they had a plan and sent us off to visit Hubby’s father, whom we hadn’t seen in 9 years. And for the kids it was like meeting their grandfather for the first time! And our great adventure had begun!

That experience taught me some valuable lessons.

First, that even during the tough times we can find things to be grateful for. If nothing else because we’re still alive and breathing!

And second, God’s faithfulness is always more than enough.

When we find ourselves left with nothing, no job, security, home, or even a tent, we have nothing left but God’s faithfulness to lean on. And that is always more than enough. He never fails and his faithfulness is new every morning.

It’s a life-long lesson, this learning that God is always faithful.

Perhaps if we’d known how many difficulties and hard lessons awaited us, we would have turned gotten right back on that plane! But God, in his wisdom, only shows us one day at a time.

I’m glad we remained, for through all the difficulties I have come to see that the Lord would like us to live everyday relying on nothing but his eternal faithfulness.

But instead we look around and worry. When all seems bleak and impossible, we start thinking that there will be ‘No place for us’. We start wondering if our Father has forgotten us, and feel like orphans.

But the Lord is good and his love will endure throughout eternity!

For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations. 

Psalm 100.5 KJV

Father, we thank you that we’re not orphans, but the beloved children of a caring Father who is ever faithful, who never forgets, and is always present! We are indeed blessed!

Suitcase by MorningbirdPhoto. | Toadstool house by Noupload. Tent is our own.

By Signora Sheila

Missionary blogger, wife, mom, nonna. Join my journey of Intentional Faith Living from my small town in southern Italy!

19 replies on “God Will Always Keep a Place for Us”

Love, love where you said – “And second, when we find ourselves left with nothing, no job or security, and not even a home, we have nothing left but God’s faithfulness to lean on. And that is always more than enough. He never fails and his faithfulness is new every morning.

It’s been a life-long lesson, this learning that God is always faithful.” Amen and Amen!! God bless and thank you!! 😀


Oh, yes… Our God is amazing! And He provides for us, one step at a time. I think we try to look too far ahead instead of remembering Christ’s words in Matthew 6:25-34. You speak from experience and your testimony and words carry great weight! Your authenticity and faith encourage and inspire me! I love this post! Thank you for sharing your amazing testimony of God’s daily provision and your heart of gratitude! ❤


You hit the nail on the head Lynn. We often do try to look ahead. Even though we may never see tomorrow. God has been so gracious to me in allowing to go through experiences that would stretch and grow my faith. I’m eternally grateful, though at the time of those events, I’m sure I often complained! God is good!!

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Thank you David, and I was so encouraged to meet you over at your blog too. I’m grateful for all the difficult experiences the Lord allowed in my life. For through them I have learned to know him more. And just hope that they can encourage at least one person. Nice to know you and your blog!

Liked by 1 person

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